Row of flowers

How does your garden grow? This 72×53 colorful quilt has joined the group to be sold at the Quilt for Mother’s Tears Foundation’s October 3rd auction. Amish Acres in Nappanee will host the event in the Round Barn Theatre. Mark your calendars — and keep watching for more information on facebook, or check the website.


Modern Quilt

Received a new quilt for the quilt auction.  It measures 55 x 70.  The colors are variations of grey and burgundy.  It is a modern design, which is excellent for the man in your life.


Don’t forget the quilt auction is October 3rd, at Amish Acres in Nappanee, Indiana!

Meaning of the quilt


    The design of A Quilt for Mother’s Tears quilt has significant meaning.  The seven stars around the officer’s name represents the seven days of the week you will see an officer on the street. No holidays or weekends off for an officer.
    The eagle stands for the pride an officer receives when he puts his uniform on…seven days a week.
    The red stripes and two large stars are for the families and communities…he serves with pride…seven days a week.
    The thin blue line surrounding the quilts represents the officers, brother and sisters, standing shoulder to shoulder against evil…protecting families and serving communities…with pride…seven days a week.

hugs and tears

Have been in Washington DC for National Police Week distributing quilts to mothers of 2014 fallen officers. There have been a few language barriers. When there are hugs and tears…who needs words to tell someone how you feel. I want to thank all my volunteer peicers and quilters who helped in making the quilts. Without your efforts and prayers directed to these women…there are not enough thanks. If you could have heard their thank you, seen them cry into these quilts…all your help spoke volumes.




We have another quilt donated for the October 3, 2015 auction at Amish Acres in Nappanee, Indiana.  The quilt contains fabric from the 30’s-40’s and measures 39″x45″. This would be a cute quilt to display on a table, use as a wall hanging. It would be a darling baby quilt.

Check out the new tote bags!  These will be given to the mother of each fallen officer recognized at  National Police Week as a way to carry their quilt.


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